This blog exists to make it easier to contact me, know what I'm thinking, and if you'd be so kind, help me refine those thoughts, because you (i.e. the combined knowledge of everyone online who isn't me) know more about whatever I'm thinking about  than I do.

In return, where I find stuff useful or worth sharing in life, I'll share it here.

Hopefully, if we keep doing this, we'll both come out smarter than we were when we started.



How to reach me

  • The best email address to reach me on is: [email protected]
  • My mobile number is 07074 36 229 - I have a rule of diverting numbers to voicemail if I don't recognise the number, and I try to give precedence to people talking to me in person, over people calling me on the phone. It's best to text me first normally, if you need to chat about something.
  • I'm @mrchrisadams on twitter.

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